Compliance Only Review

Within a highly regulated industry our automated TRID check provide lenders with quick and efficient ways to cross-check documents for any violations that lead to noncompliance, fines or defective loans.

Mortgage compliance is the industry’s general term that refers to the rules and regulations that control the mortgage process. They are many Federal, State, and Local predatory lending laws that can lead to exposure, we guide the clients in determining risk.

Purchasers and assignees may be subject to all affirmative claims and any defenses with respect to the loan that the borrower could assert against the original creditor or broker of the loan.

Compliance scripts are customizable allowing clients the ability to set their own standard thresholds and testing practices. In some instances, a client may elect to include a full analysis of RESPA requirements, for an additional fee, and in other cases not.

Help lenders solve potential problems involving unconventional borrowers by guiding them with the dos and don’ts of mortgages.

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) - Credit unions are required to collect, maintain, and report loan-level details under HDMA. Additionally, HMDA is in place in order to track whether or not lending institutions are serving their community’s need