Tax and Title Review

One Diligence LLC offers a tax and title review for 3rd party title providers, like ProTitleUSA, to accurately evaluate title defects, risks and grading for each property based on the title search review. After the review is performed, One Diligence will issue a exception report with summary of all found defects, lien positioning, grade per property, liens and lien totals surviving the foreclosure, tax status, vesting defects, origination and post-origination defects, breaks in assignment chain, suggestive curative actions. One Diligence offers automated report generating for 14E securitization TPR reporting, seller rebuttal reports, side letter reports and exception reporting. One Diligence LLC is one of the very few TPR forms capable of reviewing Tax/Title reports, Unrecorded Liens on each asset, Bankruptcy results and Title Exam and Collateral review results in a single client dashboard.